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David is a British journalist, writer, publisher and media business owner. His work as a correspondent has taken him to over 80 countries.
In 2003 he started his own media agency – International Investment Guide (IIG) – and has partnered with some of the world’s best-known media; such as National Geographic, TIME, Forbes and Fortune.
David has worked with many national governments, including Peru, Mexico, and the Philippines, and managed their national tourism and investment promotion campaigns. He has also published international media campaigns for several world-renowned bluechip institutions including HSBC, SABIC and ITAU.


Steve is an international business journalist, copywriter and project manager with many years’ experience working across print, video and digital media channels.
His previous roles include:
Business Development Director at The Economist Group
Managing Director at Dods Parliamentary Communications
Publishing Director at EMAP
Scriptwriter and Co-Producer of  GCC – The World’s Energy Reservoir, and several corporate videos
Founder, Curator and Editor of Eurasian Business Briefing
He is currently also Senior Contributing Editor at IIG.