Aliyev orders more urgency on construction of North South Corridor

Azerbaijan’s  President Ilham Aliyev yesterday signed a decrees ordering work on Azerbaijani section of the North South Corridor international transport project to be accelerated.
Under the terms of the order, the country’s Ministries  of Foreign Affairs and of Economy and Industry have been instructed to work with Azerbaijan’s state-run railway company to develop a framework agreement setting out a strategy for cooperation with  Iran’s railway  operator and for the  construction and financing of a railway bridge over the river Astara on the border between the two countries.
 The Corridor is a ship, rail, and road route designed to facilitate the  movement of  freight between India, Russia, Iran, Europe and Central Asia  with a view to increasing  trade connectivity between major cities including  Mumbai, Moscow, Tehran,Baku, Bandar Abbas, Astrakhan, and Bandar Anzali. A initial study suggests that the corridor could  reduce transport costs by around $2,500 per 15 tons of cargo. Other routes under consideration include linking Armenia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to the transport network.

Source: News.AZ