Czech Republic backs Azerbaijan and TANAP as long-term source of hydrocarbons

Jan Mládek, Minister for Trade and Industry, Czech Republic

Czech Republic backs Azerbaijan: The Czech Republic is interested in securing Azerbaijan as an alternative long-term source of energy to Russia, its Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mladek told a press conference in Baku yesterday. “One third of the oil delivered to the Czech Republic is produced in Azerbaijan, while the remaining part accounts for Russia,” he said. “Imports of Azerbaijani oil are therefore very important for us, since we don’t want to be dependent on one source and one supply route.” His government also recognised the importance of the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) project, he said, adding that the Czech Republic was ready to both develop and finance infrastructure  projects in Azerbaijan, particularly the construction of the network of Baku’s  metro stations. TREND 
Source: News.AZ