Moscow sends warning over Trans Caspian gas pipeline

Proposed route of Trans Caspian pipeline

Moscow believes that unilateral action on the construction of the Trans Caspian gas pipeline will lead to the erosion of trust in the region,  its  Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, warned this week in response to  EU efforts to secure access to gas from Turkmenistan’s fields and so reduce its dependence on Russia for its energy supplies.
“Let me remind you that at last year’s summit in Astrakhan, the  leaders of the five  littoral countries publicly affirmed that they were the only states  entitled to make decisions about  important Caspian Sea issues and reaffirmed their joint responsibility for its future,” he said in a statement that was a clear warning to the EU not to interfere. The Trans-Caspian gas pipeline would connect Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan and the South Gas Corridor. 

Source: NewsKaz