North South Corridor progresses as work begins on Astara rail bridge

Astara rail bridge: Linking  Iran’s and Azerbaijan’s railway networks together will cut nearly four weeks off the freight transport journey between Europe and India, the Iranian Ambassador  to Azerbaijan Mohsen Pak Ayeen said yesterday at a ground breaking ceremony for the start of work on a railroad bridge over the Astara River on the Azeri-Iranian border.
The bridge is a key link in the Caucasus section of North South transport corridor between India and Europe and is part of plans for a 370km direct rail route between the northwestern Iranian provincial border town of Qazvin and the southern Azeri town of Astara that will eventually provide a direct service between Tehran and Baku. 
The  volume of cargoes passing through Azerbaijan could increase significantly in the future if Pakistan, India, and the countries of North Europe chose to use the North South corridor, President Ilham Aliyev had said earlier in the day.

Source: TREND