Sustainability research chief calls for investment in Azerbaijan’s saffron industry

Azerbaijan’s saffron industry could earn  the country as much as AZN 150m (more than $ 142.6m) according  to estimates from the Baku -based Sustainable Development Research Centre.
 “There is a need for a company to produce saffron in Azerbaijan,” its head Nariman Aghayev said today. “[While] it is produced in many countries, the saffron grown on the Absheron Peninsula is of the highest quality…..There is no doubt that there would be both domestic and international demand.”  Saffron was grown and harvested during the Soviet era for use in the manufacture of space suits as well in food production and pharmaceuticals, and with its current retail price standing at $11,000 per kilo, Aghayev believes it is time to resurrect an industry that is currently dominated by neighbouring Iran.

Source: Azernews