Belarus strategic plan aims high tech and green

Belarus Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov

Belarus strategic plan: The government in Minsk has set itself the twin goals of raising life expectancy to 77 years and doubling GDP by 2030 with its national strategy for sustainable social and economic development that it unveiled today (February 10). It also wants to  raise the country from 53rd to 40th in the world’s Human Development Index. 
Presenting the strategy to a meeting of the country’s  Council of Ministers,  Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov explained that the strategy’s authors had been instructed to take into account those global trends that posed risks to the country’s sustainable development as well as fluctuations in the cost of energy, slower global economic growth and climate change. The strategy also took  into account the creation of the new EEU trading bloc: “Economic development should prioritize the establishment of manufacturing enterprises based on local resources, including as part of the Eurasian Economic Union. Products with a high added value should be made in the EEU using the full manufacturing cycle,” he said.
If all goes according to plan, 2016-2020 should witness a transition to a balanced economy growth via the structural transformation of the economy on the basis of environmental friendliness, with priority being given to  high-tech manufacturing activity. The following decade would see an acceleration in the development of science-intensive production and services and further development of the green economy. BeIta