EEU doomed, predicts Bzhezinsky

The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) will be dead and buried within in ten years or as soon as Russia accepts that it is a a European state,  Zbignev Bzhezinsky predicted this week. In an interview with the daily Gazeta the former  National Security Adviser to US President Jimmy Carter dismisses the  EEU  as a piece of nostalgia  for the old Soviet empire which bears no relation to reality, and forecasts that any effort to create a “new Russian empire will meet resistance.” Kazakhstan’s growing reliance on Chinese investment was also weakening the case for a Eurasian economic bloc.
Established in 2014 with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan as founder members, t
he EEU was conceived as a ‘mini-EU’ for Central Asia, but has been dogged by customs disputes and the knock-on effect of the collapse in oil prices and the Russian recession. Armenia and Kyrgyzstan joined in 2015.

Source: Gazeta