Belgians to build Tabriz power plant as Iran looks for $30bn for energy sector

Tabriz power plant: A Belgian company has won the contract to build a $700m, 600MW combined cycle power plant near the city of Tabriz  in northwest of Iran, the deputy head of the Centre for Investment Services of East Azerbaijan Province Reza Hosseini announced yesterday. The F class power plant will be built near Soufian power plant within 3-4 years, he said.
Iran’s power generation capacity currently stands at around 74,000 MW, 12,000 MW of which is generated by  hydroelectric power plants, and Tehran is hoping to add a further 1,000 MW during the current Iranian fiscal year that ends on March 20 2017. 
The country’s Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian predicts that  foreign investments in the country’s energy sector will eventually hit $30bn and three weeks ago Government spokesman Mohammad Bagher Nobakht said that Iran had signed a new contract with a group of foreign companies  that will see $4.2bn being invested in the construction of power plants.

Source: TREND