AIIB membership set to rise by over 50%, President predicts

AIIB membership: The number of AIIB member states is likely to rise from 57 to almost 90 by the end of the year, AIIB President Jin Liqun told a side meeting at the World Economic Forum’s annual New Champions meeting in Tianjing this week.  “We have almost 30 countrieswaiting to join this bank and their memberships will be resolved later this year,” he said, and president pledged that the bank would  not limit its help to those countries only along the Silk Road economic belt.
“At the AIIB, we support those countries which are not along the One Belt One Road, because regional cooperation and global cooperation benefit everybody. A rising tide lifts all boats. We should share the benefits. We should share the interests in this little village on Earth.”
Last week, the bank swung into action for the first time and  approved over $500m in funding for projects in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Tajikistan. 

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