ICBC and Visa hook up to launch credit card for expats in US

ICBC and Visa: The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) yesterday launched its first credit card in the United State in a bid to attract custom from  Chinese people living and working there, as well as to promote tourism between the two nations. The new card is to be offered by UnionPay and Visa networks, in the hope that the link-up with Visa will enable newcomers to the US with limited credit history to be able to get obtain a credit card and to  “acclimatise to the culture of the US,” ICBC senior executive Wang Xinquan explained.
“This is a milestone for ICBC’s international expansion, significant to ICBC’s credit card footprint and its rising global status,” he said. “The issuance of the ICBC credit card in the US is ICBC’s major commitment to boostingChina-US economic exchange and to serving local customers.”

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