Nord Stream 2 set to be rerouted as EU bows to the inevitable

The route of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany under the Baltic Sea could be re-routed to bypass Danish waters, its chief technical officer Sergey Serdyukov, said this week as a senior EU official conceded that Brussels did not have the legal power to stop its construction. 
According to a report from Poland’s IAR news agency, Serdyukov, is predicting that the route of the controversial pipeline could be altered “by a few kilometers” after Denmark said it would not let the the pipeline run through its territory. The rerouting could be a big blow to the islanders of Bornhholm, who were hoping that its port of Rønne could capitalise financially from the project after Sweden  withdrew its support under pressure from the EU.
There are now signals emerging from Brussels that it accepts the construction of Nord Stream 2 to be inevitable, after  Competition Commissioner  Margrethe Vestager told a press conference in Lithuania that the EU could not stop the project, despite strong objections from Poland and other Central European companies.
 “As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said, the Nord Stream-2 project is not a project of European interest,” she said. ” I believe we recognize that we do not have legal means to prevent the project, but we have legal  grounds  to ensure that Nord Stream-2 does operate  not in a legal vacuum. If something happens, it would be very good to have an agreement on what to do with the infrastructure, “she said.

Source: Kommersant