Amazon planning to increase Indian investment to $5bn, says Bezos

e-commerce giant Amazon  is planning to invest a further $3bn in India on top of the $2bn it committed last year and plans to develop a Web Services Cloud Region based in Hydrabad, its CEO Jeff Besoz has told The Christian Science Monitor referring to Chief Executive Jeff Bezos.  The new centre  would be Amazon’s largest outside the US.
“I can assure you it’s only the beginning, and as we say in Amazon, ‘it’s only day one,’” said Bezos. The investments would  spur startups in India, and accelerate the country’s role as a “hub for innovation and digital entrepreneurship,” he predicted
India is increasingly getting the attention of the world’s high-tech business community. Last December  Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced a program to train two million Indian developers, by partnering with 30 universities across the subcontinent and unveiled  plans to introduce free Wi-Fi in 100 railway stations. Google has as also teamed up  Tata Trust to launch its Internet Saathi initiative aimed at empowering  women and  in 400 villages in rural India through Internet usage.

Source: AKIpress