New Delhi prepares campaign to promote investment in India

Investment in India: The Indian Government has invited advertising and other creative media agencies to submit proposals as it prepares to launch a global campaign to promote India as an investment destination, it was disclosed this week. “The objective of the campaign is to generate awareness about the investment opportunities and prospects of the country.. and to promote India as a preferred investment destination for new entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas,” the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion a DIPP said in a statement, adding that it was intending to set up an interactive portal dedicated to the project. 
Since January, Prime Minister Narendra Modi  has introduced a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging startup businesses, including a three-year tax exemption  and a self-certification scheme  in respect of nine labour and environment laws. 
“The DIPP proposes to appoint a creative agency for designing and production of the required creative and publicity material and to provide a creative vision and strategy for taking forward the campaign to make India a favoured investment destination for startups based on innovative business,” it added.

Source: AKIpress