Rosneft worth $130bn, claims CEO as Putin considers sale to China or India

The Russian energy giant  Rosneft could be worth as much as $130bn, its CEO Igor Sechin said this week, amid reports that President Putin was considering selling a 19.5% stake to interested parties in either China or India. The company’s current market value is about $55bn. 
Selling a stake in Rosneft would help Moscow  plug  Russia’s  budget deficit that has been brought on by  a combination of sanctions and the collapse in the price of oil, and Sechin has long made it clear that he would prefer a sale to a strategic partner rather than through an IPO. The company was “not afraid” of entering into  partnership with the likes of China’s CNPC, he insisted.
Officials in Moscow expect to raise at least $11bn  from the sale which, if realised  would set a new national record.

Source: Bloomberg