Iranian gas to compete with Gazprom in Europe by 2030

Iranian gas: Iran could become a major supplier of natural gas to the EU by the end of the next decade, according to new estimates from the bloc’s executive following the nuclear deal reached with Tehran this summer. Officials in Brussels now believe that member states could be importing  between 25bn m³ and 35 bn m³ gas a year from Iran by 2030. Those volumes would put supplies on a similar  level to current imports from North Africa and help reduce the bloc’s dependence on shipments from Russia, which currently  ships around 130bn m³ a year to the EU.
It would not necessarily be as cheap, however;Iran’s major gas reserves lie in the South Pars / North Dome field in the Persian Gulf (which it shares with Qatar)  so the bulk of the gas destined for Europe would have to be shipped in as LNG via Spain.

Source: wsj