Iran’s hardliners lose control of parliament as Rouhani hails end of confrontation

The Iranian people had voted for  an end of confrontation with the outside world, President Hassan Rouhani said yesterday as it became clear that the country’s hardline faction had lost control of parliament.Two leading hardline clerics also lost their seats on the Assembly of Experts.
“It is the votes of the people that determine the right path for the country, Rouhani told a car conference, “and they said in a clear voice: ‘We want to resolve our problems with the world through logic and reasoning and at the negotiating table…..We want moderation, not extremism. We want interaction with the world, not confrontation.'”
President Rouhani and his allies won all but one of the seats for the capital Tehran on the assembly, which may choose a successor to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is 76 and has suffered health problems. There are no political parties in Iran and most candidates run in loose coalitions,  but according to an unofficial tally by the Reuters news agency, conservatives won about 112 seats in the 290-seat parliament, reformists and centrists 90, and independents and religious minorities 29.The Associated Press calculated that reformists won at least 85 seats, while 73 went to moderate conservatives,with the  hardliners’ seat count dropping from 112 to 68.  
Run-offs will take place in April in 59 districts where no candidate won more than 25% of the vote.

Source: bbc