Kazakh educational robot woos London investment community

Kazakh educational robot: Indybo a start-up company that seeks to teach children the fundamentals of electronics and programming through the use of robots in the form of  cubes equipped with motors, sensors and controllers, has been doing the rounds of the London investment community. The Indybo (Innovative Do-It-Yourself) robot  can be programmed to follow various commands. “A child can program our robots to manoeuvre around obstacles, follow a source of light, find sources of heat and cold, distinguish colours, repeat the movements of people, respond to voice commands, and even serve as a teleconference bridge between parents at work and their children at home,” its CEO and co-founder Iskander Rakhmanberdiyev told Tengrinews.  “And our robots are programmed through a graphical interface, where one only needs to put in pre-defined commands in the correct sequence.”  Silk Road Reporters