Kazakhstan considers ban on Russian imports as rouble distorts market

Kazakhstan considers ban on Russian imports:  On the same day that Russia plays host to the inaugural meeting of the Intergovernmental Council of the Eurasian Economic Council, it emerged that Kazakhstan is seriously considering banning or restricting imports of certain Russian goods that are now seriously undercutting domestic producers and suppliers who are finding it impossible to compete on price due the drastic deterioration in the price of the rouble.  After representations from regional business organisations, the government in Astana is believed to be looking at the possibility of banning a wide range of foodstuffs and products, including, meat, eggs and chicken; pasta and confectionery products; flour and juices; cars and batteries; construction fittings; cables and wires; and glass. In recent months, the rouble has fallen by 47% against the tenge. Lenta, Interfax