Kazakhstan to seek investment for Almaty international air hub

Almaty International Airport

Talks with potential investors into an Almaty international air hub are due to begin in October, Kazakhstan’s Minister for Investment and Development Aset Isekeshev told the Novosti-Kazakhstan news agency yesterday.
“We have several potential investors [lined up],” he said, “and we are currently working together with international experts to develop the  hub’s concept in order to determine passenger and cargo flows that will go through Kazakhstan, where to build this airport, and whether we should we expand the existing Almaty airport or build a new one,” the minister said. 
 Kazakhstan had not yet fully utilized the potential of its domestic air transportation, he added, with  this month’s launch of the domestic Qazaq Air carrier being the first step.The country is also considering subsidising internal air services as a means of boosting tourism. “We need to provide a very good interconnection between the country’s regions — it is very important not only for tourism but also for developing small and medium business,” he explained.