Kazakhstan WTO accession imminent as obstacles around EEU tariffs are overcome

Kazakhstan WTO accession: 20 years after it first applied to join the World Trade Organisation, Kazakhstan has finally completed accession negotiations. “Kazakhstan finalized the negotiations of its WTO membership terms with WTO members at the Working Party meeting on Kazakhstan’s accession on 10 June,” the WTO has confirmed in an official statement in which it described the talks as “some  of the most challenging negotiations” in the organisation’s history. The final obstacle to Kazakhstan’s accession proved to be its membership of the newly formed Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).
The documents on Kazakhstan’s accession will be formally adopted by the Working Part  (the group of members that determine the conditions of countries’ entry to the organization) on June 22, according to the statement. It will then be forwarded to the General Council for formal adoption by each of the WTO’s 161 member states. 
Kazakhstan first submitted its application to join the World Trade Organization in 1996.