Ministry considers plans for Kazakh tourist hotel train

Yasaui Mausoleum, Turkistan

Kazakh tourist hotel train: Kazakhstan’ s Ministry of Investment and Development is currently considering plans put forward by the Turan Express rail operator for a deluxe ‘hotel on wheels’ that will carry tourists and students to sites of important historical and cultural importance  throughout Kazakhstan and the rest of Central Asia, it said yesterday.
The train would run along the existing Khorgos-Almaty-Taraz-Shymkent-Turkestan-Kyzylorda-Baikonur line which is popular with tourists, said Turan Express’s General Director  Roman Botabekov. 
The government  sees the project as having education potential as well. “Such tours would be useful for school students during vacation, especially as part of the Silk Road program,” the Minister of Investment and Development, Aset Isekeshevm said,”and would enhance their knowledge of the history and culture of their nation.”