Nazarbayev spells out ‘100 concrete steps’ for Kazakh institutional reform

President Nursultan Nazarbayev  yesterday published the 100 concrete steps he believes Kazakhstan must take if it is to effect the institutional reform the country needs to effect if it is to prosper in the coming decades.
“[The] 100 concrete steps are a response to the global and local challenges and [our ambition] for the nation to join the top 30 developed countries in the new historical conditions,” the report explains. “They will will give Kazakhstan a margin of safety as it  goes through a difficult period.”   The steps are part of the Strategy – 2050 initiative that calls for several  institutional reforms including:
– The formation of a professional state apparatus, including the modernisation of civil service admission procedures 
– The transition from five-level to a three-level judicial system
– The protection of intellectual property rights in order to encourage entrepreneurship
– The integration of  tax and customs operations
– The creation of accountable government
Efforts will also be made to attract investment into the country’s agricultural sector. 
A National Commission for Modernization headed by Prime Minister Karim Masimov and composed of five working groups of both local and foreign experts has been set up to implement the reform programme.

Source: kazpravda