Belarus ready to invest in Kyrgyz agriculture, Kobyakov tells Sariyev

Kyrgyz PM Temir Sariyev and Belarus PM Andrei Kobyakov

Belarus is ready to invest in  Kyrgyz agriculture rather than just import its raw materials, Prime Minster Andrei Kobyakov told his newly appointed counterpart Temir Sariyev during a break-out meeting of the  CIS Heads of Government and Eurasian Intergovernmental Council in the Kazakh town of Burabay yesterday. The investment is likely to be directed towards joint ventures in the cotton and sugar industries.
“Belarus is ready to make the transition from simple trade…to investment cooperation,” Kobyakov said.  “Our light industry works and we would like to produce competitive products for  the global market,” Belarus was also ready to participate in the the modernization of Kyrgyzstan’s sugar industry, he added.