Kyrgyzstan looks to attract investors to revitalise state enterprises

Valerie Dill Deputy Prime Minister, Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan looks to attract investors: Kyrgyzstan intends to introduce legislation that will assure potential investors that their assets are protected,  the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Valery Dill announced yesterday (January 29th).“Investors need to see that they are protected,” he said, “and  foreign investors want to know about the protection of their capital and potential risks. The legislation must therefore correspond to the pace of economic development, as any slight delay or lagging behind would seriously affect their mood”.
Kyrgyzstan is looking  to attract investors who are prepared  to transform its substantial portfolio of run-down state enterprises into modern industrial parks, he told officials at Ministry of Economy; and, while investors were  ready to invest, they wanted  to know what the rewards were likely to be. “According to preliminary estimates, Kyrgyzstan attracted $620m last year,” he explained. “We are not satisfied with this figure. Our goal is to attract billions [of dollars] of investments and the creation of industrial parks is very important, especially as Kyrgyzstan is joining the Eurasian Economic Union.” Times of Central Asia