Kyrgyztelekom rolls out digital TV service


Kyrgyztelekom rolls out digital TV service: Kyrgyztelekom has began rolling out its DVB-T2 terrestrial broadcasting across the Kyrgyz Republic this month. The initial roll-out will give 59% of inhabitants coverage, with 79% gaining access by next July,  88% by this time next year and 95 % by September 2016. The DVB-T2 broadcasting equipment is being supplied by  Kvant-Efir, with the DVB-S2 satellite capacity being provided by Eutelsat.
The government perceives this as an important national project in both social and economic  terms as it will give inhabitants living in the country’s remotest and  most inaccessible  rural areas equal access to information and entertainment as that enjoyed by urban dwellers. The project also opens new opportunities for local broadcasters who will be able to transmit programs into a footprint stretching  from Turkey to China and from southeast Russia to Oman. While anybody wishing to receive a digital signal will have to buy a receiver, the government has pledged to provide them to socially vulnerable families living in border areas. Times of Central Asia