Light at end of Nord Stream 2

President Vladimir Putin expressed yesterday expressed renewed confidence that construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would soon come to an end. “There’s about 165 km left, to go,” he told journalists at Thursday’s annual press conference. ‘That’s it almost completed. I think we will finish the work.”

The project would be economically profitable for Europe, especially Germany, he predicted, adding that he expected incoming US President Joe Biden to respect European interests. Just exactly which interests Biden choses to respect is a vexed question, because the Nord Stream 2 project has divided Europe. Germany may stand to benefit from a greater and more reliable source of energy from Russia, but several former Soviet-bloc countries are concerned that it will increase EU member-state’s dependence on Russia for its gas supplies.

Construction in German waters resumed on December 11 after almost a year’s delay.

Source: tass