LNG imports not the answer to Polish energy needs, warns Gazprom chief

Alexander Medvedev, Gazprom Deputy Chairman

Polish energy: Poland will struggle to replace all the natural gas it gets from Gazprom from other sources,  Deputy CEO Alexander Medvedev warned yesterday, hours after Reuters reported that Poland was not planning to renew a long-term gas supply contract with the Russian company when the current contract  expires in 2022.
“Of course, everybody is free to choose how to purchase their gas and to ensure the competitiveness of their economy,” he told reporters in Moscow. “ [But] there is a well-known fairy-tale about an old woman who asked a golden fish to turn her into a Sea Empress but in the end she found herself back in front of  her broken washtub.” 
Poland’s  state-run gas firm PGNiG buys some 10.2 bcm of gas each year from  Gazprom – around two-thirds of the country’s entire gas consumption  – but is looking to negotiate a discount amid political tensions between the nations over President Vladimir Putin’s policies in eastern Europe. The first shipments of LNG from Qatar and Norway are due to begin unloading at a newly built terminal at Swinoujscie on the Baltic Sea coast next month, and Warsaw is proposing to eventually double the terminal’s capacity as well as to build a pipeline to Norway to completely cut its reliance on Russia.

Source: Bloomberg