Russia slaps food embargo on Ukraine for FTA with EU

The Russian government has decided to impose a food embargo on Ukraine following Kiev’s decision to join in the sanctions against Russia by entering into a Free Trade (FTA) agreement with the EU, Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukaev told  the state-owned Rossiya 24 television yesterday. The ban is scheduled to come into effect on Jan. 1 – the same date that the FTA comes into force and is likely to hit Ukraine’s diary farmers the hardest; pork exports to Russiahave shot up by 2000% in the first nine months of this year since Moscow introduced its retaliatory EU food embargo.
“Since Ukraine joined in the sanctions against the Russian Federation — economic and financial — we have resolved to introduce protective measures in the form of food embargoes,” Ulyukaeve said, adding that  European goods may also be affected. “It is highly likely that we will need to unilaterally protect our market from an uncontrolled inflow of goods from third countries, especially the EU, via the customs territory of Ukraine,” he said.
In September Ukraine’s  President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree imposing sanctions against 388 Russian individuals and 105 legal entities including 29 banks, over 20 air carriers, several military and industrial enterprises, and antivirus software producers.

Source: Gazeta