Russia bans Turkish companies from construction and tourist sectors

Russia bans Turkish companies: As from January 1, all companies under Turkish control  will be prohibited from  working in the Russian construction, tourism and hotel sectors, in engineering design and from supplying services to either central or local government according to a missive posted on the Cabinet’s website today.
According to the edict, Turkish companies will be banned from  “building construction, construction engineering and specialized construction work”; from “operating in the field of architecture and engineering design, technical testing, research and analysis”; from “activities of travel agencies and other organizations that provide services in the field of tourism”; or from working in “hotels and other places for temporary accommodation.”
The prohibition does not apply to works and services where contractual agreements have already been signed and work begun. Relations between Moscow and Ankara soured after a Russian Su-24 bomber, was shot down by a Turkish fighter jet on November 24. 

Source: Interfax