$500m EU loan breaks Ukrainian gas deal deadlock

 Ukrainian gas deal: After months of bitter negotiations, Russia has agreed to supply Ukraine with gas for the coming winter after the EU pledged Kiev $500m to enable it to buy the extra 2bn m³ it estimates it needs to see it through until next spring – although Gazprom is  warning that it may still run out of gas before then.
“The agreement on the terms of the new Winter Package is a crucial step towards ensuring that Ukraine has sufficient gas supplies in the coming winter and that there is no threat to the continued reliable gas transit from Russia to the EU,” EU Vice President Maros Sefcovic said after the latest trilateral meeting. “The initialising of the deal  demonstrates that both parties are living up to their roles as reliable partners in the gas business. I am confident that the agreement will be soon confirmed and smoothly implemented for the benefit of all parties concerned.”
Under the terms of the new protocol, the Russian Government has committed itself to lowering the gas price to Ukraine (by decreasing export duties) to a ‘competitive level’ comparable to the prices it charges neighbouring EU countries both in  Q4 2015 and in  Q1 2016.
Source: europa