Bilateral trade between Russia and India on track to hit $30bn by 2025

Bilateral trade between Russia and India may reach $30bn by 2025 and mutual investments $15bn, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told a meeting of the Russian-Indian intergovernmental commission yesterday.
He also confirmed that his government was taking steps to create favorable conditions for developing trade, economic and investment cooperation, specifically free trade agreements; agreements on mutual stimulation and the  protection of investments; on payments in national currencies; and on mutual recognition of and conformity between the two countries’ education and diploma standards. A programme aimed at boosting  cooperation  in the oil and gas sectors had also been launched.
“Russia is ready to assist India in nuclear energy development, upgrade of thermal power plants, metallurgical and machine-building companies, exploration, mining, construction of gas pipelines, power lines, rail infrastructure, rolling stock, aircraft and helicopter, the peaceful use of space, the development of modern means of communication, the creation of “smart cities”, the construction of industrial facilities, construction and creation of modern systems of water treatment, the development of medical equipment and medicines, training of qualified personnel.”