Bombardier suspends Q400 NextGen project at Ulyanovsk – for now

Bombardier’s Q400Next Gen aircraft

Bombardier suspends Q400 NextGen project: Canada’s multinational aerospace and transportation company Bombardier has announced that it is putting on hold its plans to mass produce its Q400 NextGen aircraft at a plant in the Ulyanovsk Special Economic Zone on the River Volga.
“Due to the economic situation, we have decided to suspend the start of mass production of aircraft in Russia,” said Bombardier’s Director of Business Development for CIS and Eastern Europe Mark, “but as soon as the economic situation changes, negotiations on this issue will be resumed.”
Back in August 2013, Bombardier had entered into a $100m agreement with the Rostec conglomerate to begin production of the 78-seat passenger aircraft by last year. At the time, demand  from regional airlines for the new Q400 model was expected to reach more than 250 by 2030, and the plant at Ulyanovsk would have created 200 jobs.

Source: Rosbalt