BRICS biomed consortium proposed by Siberian scientists

Deputy Director for Innovation and Strategic Development Research Institute for Cardiology, Tomsk,

BRICS biomed consortium: Scientists at the Tomsk Research Institute of Cardiology in Siberia have put forward a proposal calling for the establishment of  a ‘BRICS-Biomed’ consortium that would pull together all biomedical research projects going on in BRICS member states. Similar to a comparable arrangement that was recently instigated to co-ordinate biotech research in initiatives taking place in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, ‘collection points’ would be set up  in each  country, where scientific organisations or individual researchers could bring their projects for  consideration by potential investors after initial screening by the consortium itself.  “The [favoured] applications will be those capable of making a splash within three  to  four years,”  explained Shamil Akhmedov,  Deputy CEO for innovation at the Tomsk Institute. “and those which involved collaboration between partners from other BRICS member states.  ”