Call for New Nord Stream pipeline to be discussed at EU summit

Nord Stream 2: A group of 10 European  governments have written to the EC calling for Russia’s plans to lay a new pipeline along the bed of the Baltic Sea to be discussed at its December  summit, claiming that the project runs  counter to EU interests and risks destabilising Ukraine even further by depriving it of transit fees.
The letter, written on Thursday and signed by Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, says the project should come under the closest regulatory scrutiny and calls for “an inclusive debate” at next month’s EU summit.
“The position of the European Commission on the Nord Stream II project will also essentially influence the perception of the EU’s common foreign and security policy among its core allies and traditional partners,” Reuters is reporting the letter as saying.
The Commission wants to reduce the bloc’s dependence on Russia, which supplies about a third of its energy, and  has already said it will scrutinise the Nord Stream extension project for conformity with EU law and that its priority is to diversify suppliers while maintaining Ukraine’s status as a transit nation.

Source: reuters