Counterfeit medicines targeted in new bill

Counterfeit medicines:  A bill proposing that the production, transportation and sale of counterfeit medicines should be categorised as a specific crime and with tougher punishments has been submitted to the Duma. Production of counterfeit medicines is currently categorized as “production, storage or trading of goods not complying with safety requirements, ” an offence that carries a maximum fine of RUB300,000 or up to to two years in prison.  If the counterfeit medicines cause severe illness or death, this rises to RUB 500,000 and up to six years in prison; and where multiple deaths occur the culprits can face 10 years in prison. In reality, however, counterfeiters often get away with an RUB 100,000  fine.

The new bill proposes that medical counterfeiting  be punishable by restricted freedom or a prison term of between two and four years, and in the case of a death or serious bodily harm by four to six years in prison and an RUB500,000 fine.  If the drugs cause multiple deaths, its production, storage, trafficking and sale would be punishable by seven to 10 years in prison and a fine of between RUB500,000 and RUB1m. RAPSI