EC Commissioner Malmstrom pledges to suspend tripartite FTA talks

EC Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström has written to Kiev assuring the government there that she will suspend negotiations with the Kremlin about the future of the Ukrainian Free Trade Area (FTA) if Russia imposes trade restrictions on its western neighbour.
“I want to say very clearly that if the Russian Federation suspends the CIS agreement on free trade, … it will be impossible … to continue the tripartite negotiation process,” she wrote. “For my part, I can confirm that the EU will continue to support Ukraine and will be ready to support the implementation of a deep and comprehensive free trade area and the related process of reform.” Her assurances come after Russia promised to exclude Ukraine from the CIS FTA once it entered into a similar agreement with the EU on January 1.
Moscow has also declared its intention to instigate court action against Kiev for defaulting on its €3bn eurobond repayments which came due yesterday.

Source: Rosbalt