Euroshop plans 2,000 fixed-price stores across Russia

Germany’s Euroshop is to launch a chain of fixed-price retail outlets across Russia as the country’s economic downturn stimulates demand for low-price stores. The new chain of stores will operate under the Euroshop name and will be run under franchise by Euroshop Russland.
The first outlets will be in the Mordovian city of Saranks south-east of Moscow and will be followed by a further 15 stores in the capital, with  the company hoping  to open 200 stores by the end of next year, and eventually 2,000 across Russia.
Euroshop  sells a variety of household goods, toys, stationery and some food products at a standard price – typically one euro – and with 225 stores is one of the largest fixed-price retail chains in Europe.
Fix Price is currently Russia’s  largest domestic single-price retailer and operates around 1,930 outlets across the country which offer a wide range of goods at a fixed price of RUB 45 (60 cents). The smaller Zaodno chain of single-price stores was launched last year and currently operates 60 stores.