Gazprom GSS subsidiary moves into satellite production

GSS Yamal telecoms room

Gazprom’s subsidiary Gazprom Space Systems (GSS), yesterday announced  that it is to invest $252m in the launch of its own satellite production operation with the  capacity to manufacture  four communications and earth remote sensing units each year. Each satellite is expected to cost $150m – around 30% cheaper than the current fleet that it buys from the state-run Reshetnev Information Satellite System. 
Analysts believe that Gazprom’s decision is also intended to  protect it against the possibility of having its access to imported communications technology restricted by the imposition of further sanctions on Russia by the West for its annexation of Crimea and the subsequent conflict  in Ukraine. 
GSS was set up  in 1992 to monitor gas pipelines and owns the four Yamal satellite system. Gazprom itself  only buys in 10% of its subsidiary’s telecommunications services, with Russian ISPs, government organs and foreign companies accounting for the rest of its sales. 

Source: rbth