Gazprom ready to reopen Turkish Stream talks after Erdogan apology

Turkish Stream talks: Russia’s top gas producer Gazprom is ready to revisit the idea of building the a pipeline along the bed of the Black Sea – the so-called Turkish Stream project – it announced yesterday, hours after Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan apologised to his Russian counterpart VladimirPutin  for the death of the pilot of the downed Russian Su-24 plane in November 2015. “Gazprom is and has always been open for a dialogue on the Turkish Stream,” the company’s official representative Sergey Kupriyanov told TASS
Following the incident,  Russia put talks on the project on hold, and this February Gazprom’s main board director  Oleg Aksyutin said that project’s timeline would be clarified as soon as the relations between Russia and Turkey were normalized.
The original Turkish Stream pipeline provided for the laying of four pipelines with a combined annual capacity of 63 bcm, 16 bcm of which would go to the domestic Turkish market with the remainder being transported to a new gas hun on Turkey’s border with Greece.