Gazprom ready to start on Turkstream

Gazprom will be ready to start laying pipes on the offshore section of the Turkstream  project in the next few days, the gas company’s CEO Alexei Miller told President Vladimir Putin yesterday as construction begins of the new pipeline that will carry Russian gas along the bed of the Black Sea to  Turkey and from there on to south-east Europe and beyond.
Initially conceived as an alternative to the South Stream project that was due to hit land in Bulgaria, but which Russia abandoned under pressure from the EU, the project looked to be literally dead in the water after relations between Presidents Putin and Erdogan fell to an all-time low following the shooting down of a Russian jet over the Turkish-Syrian border in November 2015.
Ties between the two countries have, however, improved dramatically since the Russian intelligence services reportedly tipped off their Turkish counterparts about last summer’s failed military coup, and Russia and Turkey have now emerged as the principle deal brokers in the Syrian conflict, despite supporting opposite sides. 
The offshore component of the pipeline that Gazprom is about to start work on  consists of two parallel pipelines running through the Black Sea that will enter the water on the Russian coast near Anapa, and come ashore on the Turkish coast some 100 kilometres west of Istanbul near the village of Kiyikoy. From Kiyikoy, an underground pipeline will be constructed to connect it  to the existing network at Luleburgaz. The route will continue from there to its end point at the Greek border.
Late last year, Gazprom  also expressed an interest in connecting Turkstream up to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the EU-backed project that is being built to bring gas from Azerbaijan to Italy and onwards into Europe by 2020.

Source: tass