Gazprom to invest $2.5bn in Belarus gas transport system

Gazprom is planning to invest up to $2.5bn in the Belarus gas transport system by the end of the decade and a further $1.1bn on expanding its fellow EEU member state’s gas storage facilities, the Kremlin’s press office disclosed as President  Putin set off to Minsk yesterday. Gazprom already owns the 575.5-km Belarusian section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline
During his meeting with President Lukashenko, Putin was also due to discuss cooperation  in the field of nuclear energy. “A major investment project – the construction of the Belarusian NPP with capacity of 2,400 MW in Grodno region at a cost of $10 billion – has been underway since 2012. The launch of the first generating unit is scheduled for 2018 and the second for 2020,” the press office said.

Source: interfax