Google and co to be encouraged to localise their Russian operations

Google: Russia’s media watchdog Roskomnadzor is joining forces with the Association of Electronic Communications (REAC) to work on ways to stimulate the ecommerce sector and to encourage some of the world’s largest search engines, ISPs and social media sites to establish a physical presence in the country.Talking on Friday, Roskomnadzor’s Deputy Head Macksim Ksezov said that they were putting together a series of initiatives that would encourage companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to localise their Russian operations. He said that representatives from all three companies were due to visit Moscow in the next few months and they were currently involved in “shuttle diplomacy” with them. “We won’t make it difficult for them to do business here,” he said, and pledged to create a level playing field where domestic and overseas companies could compete on the same terms. ITAR-TASS