Hurun Global Rich List counts more Indian billionaires than Russian

Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Sistema

Hurun Global Rich List: There are more Indian billionaires in the world than Russians for the first time, according to this year’s edition of the Hurun Global Rich List,  the Chinese Hurun Group’s annual international ranking of  dollar billionaires. The report, which is sponsored by China’s  luxury home builder Star River Property , included 97 Indians on the list compared to 93 Russians, noting that ten Russians had lost their billionaire status over the past year as their assets’ worth plunged under the weight of Western sanctions and steep falls in the prices of oil and the rouble. Of those Russians who managed to stay on the list,  60% saw their wealth fall sharply in 2014 with the most spectacular fall from grace being that of Sistema chief Vladimir Yevtushenkov, who lost 77% of his wealth. Lukoil’s CEO Vagit Alekperov (73%) ran him a close second.  Renova Group’s Viktor Vekselberg and Interros’ Vlasimir Potanin topped the list of Russians and came in equal 6oth, both with fortunes worth $16bn, while  Micosoft founder Bill Gates ($85bn), Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim( $82bn) and  U.S. investor Warren Buffet ($76bn) made up the top three. The Moscow Times