IKEA closes Russian website through fear of breaking ‘gay propaganda’ law

IKEA drops Russian website: Ikea is closing its lifestyle website and magazine IKEA Family Live in Russia over fears it could be flouting the controversial law banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation among minors.” The magazine, which is published in 25 countries in print or online, features photos and interviews about real-life families’ interior decor “whatever their gender or sexual orientation,” Ikea’s press service explained. In 2013, was widely criticised after it pulled an article on a lesbian couple from the Russian edition of the magazine, citing the law, replacing it with other content. Under the law, Ikea could be forced to pay a fine of up to one million rubles ($16,261) or halt its activities for 90 days. The company’s press service in Russia told AFP that “we have not received any official warnings” related to the anti-gay ban. It was not clear whether the Russian edition had published any articles that violated the law.

Source: tumblr