Inflight wifi report puts Aeroflot in 7th place – ahead of Emirates

Global State of Inflight Wifi

Inflight wifi: Outside of the US, passengers flying with Aeroflot have a better chance of getting a wifi connection than travellers on airplanes flown by Emirates, Japan Airline or Qatar Airways according to  Global State of Inflight Wifia new report from the search engine Routehappy.  Wifi is rapidly becoming a standard service on airlines across the globe, Routehappy’s Director General Robert Albert said last week; 24% of travellers on international flights can expect to get connected to the internet in mid-air while that number rises to 66% in the US –  representing a 300% rise over the past 18 months. The international market leaders in the wifi table are Scandinavian Airlines, Icelandair and Norwegian. Izvestia