Inner Mongolia to benefit from three-way tourism initiative

Camel riding in Inner Mongolia

Inner Miongolia:  China, Russia and Mongolia have signed a string of  tripartite, cross-border  tourism initiatives worth a total of  $220m as part of their attempts to create an economic corridor between the three countries. The agreements were signed last Friday by a combination of  government authorities and enterprises during the first China-Mongolia Expo which opened in Hohhot in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and provide for investment in  the development of a cross-border tourism route linking Hohhot, Ulaan Baatar, Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk, hotel and resort zone construction, and personnel training for employees working in tourism,   . |”Cross-border tourism is an important part of the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor,” the head of the Inner Mongolia Tourism Administration, Wei Guonan said.

Source: xinhuanet