Irkutsk to pioneer Smart School for adopted children

 Smart School for adopted children: Denmark’s CEBRA architectural practice has won an international competition to design a ‘new kind of school’ in Irkutsk with accommodation for adopted children and their families. The  20-hectare campus on the banks of the Angarsk River in Irkutsk will cater for 1,040 students aged between three to 18. The complex will include a village offering living quarters for  adopting families; a kindergarten; elementary and  high schools; and cultural and recreation centres.
“The Smart School is intended to be a real home for adopted children, who will live with foster parents in a specially-built village and will go to school with children from regular families,” said Smart School board member  Tina Kandelak. “In designing  this educational cluster, we pursued the goal of creating a community that can provide resources for self-development to all its members. It is, therefore, important that we will provide the best possible education for children who under other circumstances would not have the resources to obtain this level of education. The goal is to raise a generation of active, enterprising and creative people.” 
The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.