K-Water and Rushydro to build Vladivostok hydro plant

Razdolnaya River near Vladivostok

Vladivostok hydro plant: The South Korean company  K-Water is to help Russia’s RusHydro build a hydroelectric plant and pumped storage plant on the Razdolnaya River, near Vladivostok. The two companies signed an agreement at the Eastern Economic Forum in the city that also provides for the construction of a water transport corridor between Vladivostok and the Khabarovsk river port that will reduce the distance between the two ports from 2,400 km to 800 km, and increase the volume of  river freight.
Despite accounting for 36% percent of Russia’s territory, there are only two large power plants in the region, both of which are over 50 years old and in urgent need of upgrading.  In 2012, the Ministry of Energy pledged $18bn  to the modernisation of the region’s  the power generation infrastructure by 2025.

Source: rbth