Kiev to consult with EU over response to Russian transit sanctions

Russian transit sanctions: Kiev is to  hold consultations with the EU to consider the  possibility of introducing countermeasures in response to Russia’s ban on transit of goods from Ukraine,  its deputy minister Natalia Mikolskaya said on Monday. “We need to make a joint assessment of any possible measures and consult our partners on the free trade zone with the EU,” she said. “We will not leave Russia’s acts in respect of all restrictions unanswered.” Kiev will also be talking to the WTO about the situation, she added, confirming that the Ukrainian authorities were  “constantly working with the business on the launch of an alternative transit to third countries.”
On January 1 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree stipulating that all goods coming from Ukraine and destined for Kazakhstan had to go through Belarus.  The Russian Government also published a list of five checkpoints that had to be used for the road and rail transportation of goods from Ukraine to Kazakhstan via Russia.